Essay: Inequalities in Gaming

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Essay: Inequalities in Gaming

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From the research, it is certain that the gender disparities are ingrained in the present society. This is ascertained by the dominance of men in the video gaming industry as well as the criminal justice system. It is also clear that significant efforts have increasingly been made in the past to counter the situation. Indeed, the efforts made by the feminist movement in fighting for equal representation of women in the society can not be overlooked. It is also certain that various challenges have undermined these efforts. Of great concern in this regard is the realization that the gender disparities are deeply embedded in the society. As such, efforts to counter this and achieve optimal and sustainable results need to be multifaceted. Persistence would also ensure that the ultimate goal is met. The introduction of Lara in the video gaming industry has been considered a major breakthrough for the feminist movement. Lara is the representation of an ideal woman. Implications of her introduction have been wide and varied but most importantly, they have contributed positively towards achieving gender equity.

Seemingly, crime has been given an engendered perspective. From the analysis, it is clear that the criminal justice system perceive men to be the main perpetrators of crime. This has further been compounded by statistics that show that more men than women engage in violent crime. Violence in this regard is attributed to the masculine nature and the consistent involvement in violent video games. Further, it has been ascertained that women are also under represented in the criminal justice system. This has contributed significantly to the unfair treatment that they are accorded by the system. In order to counter the situation and ensure that justice and equality are attained in all segments of the society, several recommendations that are based upon a clear understanding of the scenario have been put forth by the study.

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