Essay: Incorporation of technology in the prison

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Essay: Incorporation of technology in the prison

In the process of the incorporation of technology the prison system has changed its staffing methods and ideas. They shifted from the system where the staff had to personally know the inmates under his care. The kind of care then was usually characterized by animosity and cruelty and increased surveillance, Carlson and Garrett (2007).

The new prisons allow for staff to monitor the inmates, at the same time it is possible to observe cell activity remotely. The design of these housing units allow for both staff monitoring and surveillance by electronic equipment.

The need for more prisons as prison population increases has caused the prison to be designed based on the ‘cookie cutter’ design. The result is that a large and different population will end up being housed in similar spaces Geltner (2008). The problem of finding appropriate spaces and sites for building means that the bureau of prisons has to group facilities together in large complexes. These complexes are called Federal Correctional Complexes (FCCs). These complexes house large populations in a variety of buildings, where they resemble small cities in the middle on nowhere.

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