Essay: Improving Standards of Safety in Aviation Industry

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Essay: Improving Standards of Safety in Aviation Industry

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“The Conference called upon ICAO to facilitate the collection, analysis and dissemination of safety information provided by States and industry partners, throughout the international aviation community.”(Sun 2005) The meeting of the directors of civil aviations of its member states acknowledged that they have been paying big attention to results that are concerned with accidents after they have happened. They saw it good to share information about the precautionary measures that the member states are using at any given time.

This will go a long way in improving the standards of safety in the aviation industry since all the new measures taken to counter threats will be shared internationally. In the cockpit there ought to be a leader, the captain who should have good leadership skills and ready to listen to the opinions of his or her juniors. If the captain is of the opinion that he or she is the overall in the cockpit and thus no one should question his decisions then errors are bound to occur. If a junior member in the cockpit notices a problem even if it is very small he should share it with the other members in the cockpit. If this is followed to the letter then problems will be discovered early and as a result solved before they create any damages.

It is important to train all the parties involved in the control of aircraft if we have to reduce accidents based on human errors. The training should be continuous since if one stays for long without being reminded of the principles of his work they tend to forget the same principles. In cases of emergency, the pilot should gather information from the other crewmembers and the control tower and then review the information. The crew then should go ahead and analyze the available alternatives. Before making a decision, one ought to evaluate the outcome of the said decision. The most important aspect of CRM is the process of decision-making, which should undertaken by the whole team in the cockpit but not by an individual in cases of emergencies.

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