Essay: Improvement of the Emotional Intelligence

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Essay: Improvement of the Emotional Intelligence

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According to Stough, Et. Al. (2009), emotional intelligence entails the ability for an employee to be able to administer and employee emotions in a productive. Presently, most firms are very dynamic due the globalization, as the world has become a global village. The changes in the working conditions trigger stress and this requires emotional intelligence for one to retain the self-confidence and the self-control to overcome the new challenges. Through the emotional intelligence, the employees can overcome the challenges and can communicate, repair the new differences brought by changes and eventually reduce the level of stress.

Emotional intelligence encompasses four main constituents, these are:

  • Self-awareness
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship management
  • Self-management

Self-awareness entails an employee’s ability to know his/ her emotions and the effect of these emotions. More so, after understanding these emotions, one needs to have the aptitude to control these emotions while making decisions in order to have least impacts of the stress. Social awareness entails an employee’s capability to understand the other workers emotions and react in a manner that the other employee (colleague) will be comfortable. This is crucial in a multicultural environment like at Emirates Airline. Relationship management is very important method to manage stress since it improves the relationship among the employees. Through relationship management, the employees interact positively and can be able to motivate one another thereby be able to solve any arising conflict at the work place. Self-management involves the ability of an employee to control the actions and emotions and the ability to adapt to the changing circumstances.

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