Essay: How to Improve the Sustainability of Dominos Pizza

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Essay: How to Improve the Sustainability of Dominos Pizza

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On the increment on the number of stores in China, a survey should be done on the best available locations for these additional stores. It is important to also establish the potentiality of these would be new locations before establishing a store there. First, there will be a need to hire skilled personnel who would help in the strengthening of the infrastructure that is much needed before the news stores are opened. The mission for this expansion should be laid down clearly and a revenue model that includes the expansion should be constructed.

This team would advise the top management on how to improve the sustainability of Dominos by way of increasing revenues by reducing costs in the new markets of China. Secondly, the team would guide the expansion towards the increased likelihood of meaningful integrations useful to the Chinese markets. Financially, it is important to note that the operating expenses will shoot up due to the increased merger and restructuring charges in china. The operating expenses will increase by about 10 percent to 219.9 million starting the following year.  Consequently, the net income will go down before the new stores pick up. The time frame for this expansion should be within five years.

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