Essay: Important for society to function in harmony

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Essay: Important for society to function in harmony

These societies may be diverse within themselves in the way of culture; however a dominant set of values exist which influence all members and their actions. This value set has a consensus agreed upon, and is shared and accepted by all members of the society. This agreement is important for the society to function in harmony and smoothly, without disruptions.

McDowell & Spitz (1999) state this need to ‘function appropriately in society, there are rules and regulations, norms of behavior…’ we have thus observed that the need to function in harmony is determined by shared behavior norms, which in fact are governed by a higher degree of value set which has a consensus of all members.

The above discussion highlights that a similar, if not the same, value set and behavioral norm must be followed and accepted by all members of a society in order for it to function appropriately. In this regard, in order to maintain the functionalities of the society, individual decisions are and must be influenced by a greater degree of societal expectations.

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