Essay: Importance of managerial expertise

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Essay: Importance of managerial expertise

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An effective management and relevant managerial expertise can give an edge to an organization over its competitors. Managing the employees is the motive of all contemporary organizations (Bushman, 2003). As the policy makers and investors of the contemporary organizations are well aware of the importance of managerial expertise in the attainment of organizational goals and for the progress of the organization (Dozier, 1995). As a matter of fact two companies can be in a same business but there revenues, profits and sales can show drastic differences, this difference is a cumulative result of different management practices and managerial skills promoted and exercised in an organization.



Researches indicate that there is a direct relationship between the organizational goal and the managerial goal. The policy makers and the strategy setters of the organization induce the mission and purpose of the strategies in the management and the management in turn transmits the key motives in the employees or the subordinates (Black, 2005). This direct relation between the organizational and the managerial goals can be advocated at this point because the entire hierarchy is involved in the process of transmitting the core value. If the management proves itself successful in getting the best work done out of the subordinates that the organizational goal will be achieved (Charlotte, 1997). It is for this reason that the stakeholders and policy makers of an organization tend to invest huge amounts in the recruitment, selection and training of the managers.

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