Essay: Importance of Language

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Essay: Importance of Language

Sample Essay

The author is trying to tell her audience about the importance of language in any one’s life because communication barrier is a very serious problem. She also tells us that some people might fail to learn a certain language just because of ignorance. She acknowledges the fact that her English is much better when in the company of pure English speakers but very bad when with her mother. This shows that she is not careful in choosing the words to use when with her mother for it is acceptable to use wrong grammar. I agree with her on this aspect for it is known that most people tend to behave this way.

Sentences that you like because of style or content. Which?

There are several sentences she uses in her narrative, that are very interesting. When her mother is ranting at the stockbroker, she does not seem to care about what words to use. She tells the person “Why he don’t send me check, already two weeks late. So mad he lie to me, losing me money.” Although she drives her point home, a good English speaker would think that the woman is serious for she seems not to care about her choice of words.

Points that you disagree with:

It is not good to write stories to her mother in broken English as this is going to make her end up being more confused. The justification she gives on doing this is not enough when she says she is encouraging other Asian-American to start writing in the language they use at home. If one is not able in mastering a foreign language he or she should write in the language he has mastered. As a child, she was ashamed of her mother for the kind of English she spoke and she thought it reflected the quality of what she was going to say. This cannot be true, as what one is saying is not measured by the kind of language used.

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