Essay: Importance of using the Internet and Google Documents

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Essay: Importance of using the Internet and Google Documents

Sample Essay

  • Objective

-the main agenda for this lesson is to remind the students the importance of use the Internet and Google Documents as a instructional method of the lesson’s delivery to cover the Cold War and the World War II in a inter-disciplinary approach.

-the students are also reminded the penalties of academic offences such as plagiarism and lateness

– The students are also reminded about the important points that they should focus on in the internet and the Google documents

The students explain among themselves the importance concepts they have understood

  • Activity

–   The facts sheets about WWI and the Cold war are issued to the student’s couple with the school’s online library individual password.

–   The students are also reminded on how to search the Google documents

  • Instructional analysis

– at this point, the students are required to move to the computer library each with all the documents provided by the teacher and begin to do the online research

  • Practical/ exercises

– The online research encompasses some PowerPoint presentation and another research, which should all be submitted online

  • Feedback

– After the research, each teacher discusses the topic with the students what they were supposed to present in the assignment

  • evaluation

– The teacher grades the students based on their performance

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