Essay: Importance of Bureaucracy

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Essay: Importance of Bureaucracy

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Bureaucracy was and is still important in running an organization (Kilcullen, 1996, p. 9). Despite the fact that traditional forms of bureaucracy were generally acceptable by workers, modern organizational set ups see it as dictatorial and authoritarian hence prompting an infighting between managements and workers (11). Organizational behavior is a very important field of study that equips managers of different organizations with skills to run such organizations. It is in this field that we get to learn about bureaucracy. The term is used to mean a form of managerial organization that focuses on implementing decisive actions of any organization, which could be small or big ( This tool of administration is usually associated with large-scale organizations such a government corporations, non-governmental organizations or large enterprises like manufacturing industries. Bureaucracy is basically mandated to ensure that the purpose and mission of an organization are achieved efficiently with the cheapest means possible.

Bureaucracy is very important as it helps an organization reach its targets more easily. This is because it enhances working conditions by providing organizational structures ideal for running of various organizations. This phenomenon was introduced by a German sociologist and scholar max Weber in 1930s (McNaugher, 1980, p. 3). He first proposed this for government agencies although it latter spread to other organizations. This paper will discuss bureaucracy from a general perspective to the world of management, focusing the discussion more on management-workers relationship. Although bureaucracy is seen by many as authoritarian and dictatorial, it comes with more benefits and should be adopted by modern organizations in running their affairs.

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