Essay: Implementation of warehouse management system

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Essay: Implementation of warehouse management system

Implementation a warehouse management system in an organization also becomes a challenging task due to the transition from old system to the new system. This is because, in supply chain management, all the processes are linked with each other, and any significant modification any one of the processes is bound to affect other parts of the supply chain to an extent. Therefore, implementation of a warehouse management system requires an organization to bring major changes in the structure of its overall processes. Thus implementation of the WMS is also challenging because of the transition factor.

Issues in WMS

There is not doubt in the fact that warehouse management system increases the efficiency in the management of a warehouse, and it positively effects the supply chain management and logistics as well, but there is another undeniable fact that, like all other systems some issues also arise due to warehouse management system. Implementation of a WMS is a challenging task for an organization, but the challenge does not end with the implementation of WMS. Issues that occur after the implementation of a warehouse management system are; training of the employees so that they acclimatize with the new system, maintenance of the system, acclimatization of the logistics in accordance with the system, and technical issues.

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