Essay: Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Strategies

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Essay: Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Strategies

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The management can make the implementation of these strategies work through setting of targets and goals to be met and provide the necessary resources, which will aid in achieving the set goals. They should not see the existing strategies as the best since they have their loopholes that can be done away with by implementation of lean manufacturing strategies.

On the other hand, both the engineers and employees should be trained and exposed to other companies, which apply these strategies. Through exposure, they will be able to understand the need of the implementation and thus will not resist it. Since it is very difficult for all to understand the benefits of lean before they witness them, it is advisable that the management with the help of the few who have accepted the change engage in the implementation process. The other parties will understand why it was necessary to implement it after they see the good fruits (Heymans).

Lean manufacturing is a process that should be implemented by all firms, which need to –succeed in their industry. It has benefits to all industries and it is not costly to implement. There are so many sites online, which give guidelines on how to implement lean manufacturing. Every company or firm gets into the production process to make profits and this can only be achieved by minimizing wastes and costs and increasing the quality of the products produced so that it is a make to order situation. With this situation, there is no production of excess products, which may go bad bearing in mind that most of the agricultural products are highly perishable. The costs involved in purchasing the equipments of lean manufacturing and installing them is very low when compared to the benefits, which come from the use of it.

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