Essay: Ideological concept of a social construct

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Essay: Ideological concept of a social construct

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Cultural differences, idelogogical concept of a social construct, community initiative, emotionality, victimization, gender, feminism

Theorists understand the transformation of the Township shelter’s “goals, strategies and…culture” as a response to the influence of emotions on social activism. Tactics promoting social activism were implemented to better understand the irrational nature of the policies and conduct of Ontario’s Township shelter.  (253)

The social construct of a housing unit for female, domestic violence victims was an ideological, “community-inclusive, empowering response to the problem of domestic abuse.”  The established mission for the housing unit, adhered to the ideal “principles of community development” with the intent of avoiding “radicalism and victim blaming based on  intolerant or separatist views and behaviors.” (259)

#1st-Although, the ideological context of this social construct was an urgent and necessary housing unit for victims, the structure of the initiative’s administrative culture was designated as a “loose” membership.  This “democratic loose membership” offered “equal” levels of administrative power without a designated “leader.”  Although the democratic nature of the administrative culture offered a beneficial, all-inclusive, “participatory” administrative forum, the overall implications of a “loose” structure compromised the goals of the initiative.  This “loose” structure contradicted the urgent nature and urgent need of this construct which ultimately elicited “irrational” processes that guided the development of the initiative and countered the mission of the initiative. (260)

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