Essay: Identity Research

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Essay: Identity Research

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The best sample selection option for the research shall be university or college female student. This is due to convenience of getting study sample and diversity required to address components of research question. Importantly, psychological scholars suggest that identity research should be conducted within college population for credible outcomes.

College environment is suitable for this research because: is an institution where identity formation usually takes place; most researchers reside in college campuses; and the age of most students at college is between 18-22 years which are at the age of identity resolution. Therefore, within this college population identity formation or a lack thereof relates to such psychological outcomes like conformity or self-esteem. Marcia, (1997); emphasize that identity achievement persons are more resilient in that they conform less and experience less distress against external pressures than any other status, therefore may not be at risk of developing eating disorders.

To enhance the diversity of the research that meet the objective, the sample shall be selected separately from a historically White and Blacks institution. Thus, this selection shall facilitate comprehensive research on the desired racial groups of Blacks and Whites. Additionally, the participants shall be selected basing on the differences in the field of studies.

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