Essay: Identity versus Identity Diffusion

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Essay: Identity versus Identity Diffusion

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Relevantly to the research topic, this fifth phase of identity versus identity diffusion of personality development; explains the reason why are preoccupied with their appearance in others eyes and determining what roles are significant in their culture. It is within this phase of development that the adolescent fall and are deeply concerned with searching for models to shape their identity in the society and how they appear in the eyes of their peers, especially opposite sex. The phase of identity versus identity diffusion of personality development relevance to identity development in Eriksson’s identity theory is not limited to an individual identity development only, but also useful in explaining identity development of constitutes of minority groups in relation to majority culture.

The perspective of Eriksson’s theory (Erikson, 1959b) of identity has an insight of identity development of minority groups. Under this theory, the minority or oppressed groups in the society are usually aware of ideals presented by the majority culture, but are prevented from imitating them. As a result, minority cultures adopt negative images purported by the majority culture and use them to develop a negative identity within their own group.  Thus, many people in the society identifies with the majority culture leading to majority culture being forced to protect their culture. For example, Black Americans have been impacted by identification in the sense that, restricted opportunities and pressures of traditions; forced Black Americans to identify with whites that have long oppressed them, thus restricting American identity formation among the Blacks group.

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