Essay: Identity Formation among Women

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Essay: Identity Formation among Women

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The methodologies primarily focus on the purpose of the study that examines the impact that cultural norms and expectations have on the value of beauty and attractiveness as risk factors for developing eating disorders among young female adults in our society today. In this section, theoretical foundation, sample selection, procedures for data collection and instrumentation shall be discussed.


The current studies on the eating disorders, identity formation among women and ethnicity are interlinked with the historical perspective. Therefore, theoretical framework for studying eating disorders is rooted in the models used in study of identity and ego identity.  Theoretical framework dates back to works of Marcia‘s (1966) and Erikson (1959a), who invested in research on the identity development and ego development. In their studies, they noted that ethnicity and race plays a significant role in identity development. Therefore, self understanding in social relations with others can be perceived better from the two theorist’s dimension with insight to eating disorders.

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