Essay: The Ideas in Citizen Kane

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Essay: The Ideas in Citizen Kane

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The ideas in Citizen Kane are of high quality since he had consulted a scriptwriter by the name of Herman Mankiewicz who was experienced and intelligent. The use of the symbol of rosebud was very wise since it seen as the greatest secret in plays. Welles also was a master of quick cuts and jump cuts.

The jump cut is a cut in film editing in which “two sequential shots of the same subject are taken from camera positions that vary only slightly. This type of edit causes the subject of the shots to appear to “jump” position in a discontinuous way … and are considered a violation of classical continuity editing” (Bordwell & Thompson, 2006, p. 254). All the American literature critics were fascinated and enthused with innovations such as the jump cut, while at this time, the audiences were jolted by the abrupt, unexplainable cinematographic tricks. Welles’s cinematography was designed and intended to jolt the audience to induce their reaction. Welles wanted the look and feel of his film to communicate the wretched state of immorality in which the characters exist (Eagleton, 1996, p. 48). All the characters were ruled by money in which anyone with money could be worshipped but as soon as one got broke, he had to be forgotten and left to die alone. Welles tries to show how pole can be evil by concentrating in earthly things and forgetting their creator.

At the time when this film was released, there was a lot of controversy in that no single producer was allowed to work on his own without interference. It is due to this fact that Welle was not allowed to release his work since he had done the publication alone bearing in mind that he was a first time producer. So many critics could not believe that his work could be as good as it was and thus committed on it negatively to make sure that it did not succeed. This was the right time for Welles to prove how the poor and powerless had to suffer in the society. Many critics think that the idea of the film was not his but considering the prevailing conditions in America by the time the film was released, on can relate the movie production with the real life situations. It was either the poor depend on others or they isolate theirselves and die.

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