Essay: Idealism and Modernity

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Essay: Idealism and Modernity

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Since the 19th century, the society upheld idealism and modernity. Foucault dismisses idealism as mere denunciation of reality and argued that it did not represent the objective truth as it is. While he views statism as a theory that explains modernization Foucault says that this is a poor interpretation of government .This is because definition differs across the globe hence there is no clear mark that distinguishes it as a theory that can stand on its own in explaining how humanity can be sustained.

The state in Africa is quite different from a state in Europe, North America and East Asia. In western Europeans countries and North America a state is corporate organ that incorporates the legislature, judiciary, civil service, political parties, commissions, parastatals and civil society organizations. Yet in Africa a state is an organ of governance whose political power and economic resources are with national assembly, judiciary, political parties and other top government bodies. States in Africa are responsible for the nature of governance hence we cannot say it uphold human life because at time they have military coups and at the same time they are governed by dictators.

When Foucault advocates against modernity he argues that it does not respect people’s freedom by examining them along sexual lines hence the rise of marginalization according to gender roles instead of uniform population under one control. The bio-power notion has raised eyebrows on sexuality and subsequent rejection of modernity because; according to him a modern government should be way above barbaric rules proposed by philosophers of the dark ages and inherent wickedness. That modernity ultimate aim should be to bring happiness to humanity. For happiness to be, an ideal government has to be founded on the regulation of the population using the best means possible i.e. democracy. These means should ensure that it promotes and protects liberty of the citizens.

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