Essay: The Ideal Body Size

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Essay: The Ideal Body Size

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The opposite sex peers or male appear to affect their female counterparts body image. Psychological concept about body image (Schwartz, 1987, p. 103), state that individuals regardless whether male or female have an inconsistency between their actual and an ideal body size. Whereby any message sent to an individual about his or her body size is taken in with a lot of seriousness. In this case, women are more sensitive than men to message that relate to their body sizes from opposite sex or peers that make them more susceptible to distortions in body image in striving to have an ideal body size. In this connection, studies done on the opposite sex or peers sex preference has insight to explaining different body sizes exhibited a cross races.

White women in their false assumptions perceive that male peers prefer thin ladies to heavy ones. As it offers ground for a distorted perception that explain why white females are at greater risk of developing eating disorders than their black counterparts (Franko.1998;Lask,& Bryant, 2000; Regard, 2008). While on the other side Black males reported a desire for their female peers to gain weight and increase their body size. Which encourages Blacks women to have larger bodies because Blacks men prefer larger women‘s bodies.

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