Essay: My Humourous Nature

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Essay: My Humourous Nature

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Secondly, I was and am always humorous, I never took anything serious. I would always make fun and jokes even when my friends sympathized with me. They would find my stories funny, because I would give them testimonies of where I came from. I always understood my situation, and took all mocks lightly because I knew what I wanted in life. I also have a good heart and a genuine care for others. I always found pleasure in helping the needy in whatever situation. I loved visiting the sick and encouraging them. That is why I got interested in the career of medicine. I think I gained all these from being a mere poor boy and I learned to be polite and humble.

However, given that I am a man, I used to feel humiliated for being poor, and people used to tell me I am rude. This is because sometimes I would say nasty things to my friends, when am annoyed, but make it humorous, when they are annoyed. Nonetheless I have managed to achieve a step a head in life.  That’s why I cannot hold my joy today. Actually the less, I expected, the more I have achieved in life.

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