Essay: Changes in the Human Resources

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Essay: Changes in the Human Resources

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The new changes in the human resources require the human resources to cope with the changing role and develop new strategies that will guarantee the success of the firm’s operations. These changes in the society and business environment require the Human resources managers to integrate with the organization strategies to ensure that the firm remains at a competitive advantage. This integration ensures that there is increased performance of the employees, teams, and the organization at large.

The major purpose of the organizational strategies are to ensure that organization is strengthened against any unexpected occurrence. The organization strategies are classified into three categories, these are the structural interpersonal and the technological strategies that ensure the human resources manager perform their duties efficiently. The interpersonal strategies focus on the work relationships between the employee and the employer and among the employees with diverse cultural background. Technological strategies focus on the changing work descriptions and designs to fit in the changing global village. Structural strategies focus on issues such as the changes in the organizational structure, which is inevitable (Miles, Snow 2003, 13-34).

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