Essay: Human resource planning and recruitment

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Essay: Human resource planning and recruitment

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There are several human resource management theories that deal with the recruitment and selection processes. The recruitment steps involved are advertising the position, description of the job, application process, conducting of interviews, assessing the results from the interview, deciding on the interviewee fitting for the position, legislation selection and training. According to Jones et al (2006), the best candidates to fit in any job description may not be selected because of high corruption rates. In fact, the candidate who qualifies for the advertised position may lack all the skill necessary to fit in the position. This will lead to controversy on the side of the HR management since the wrong candidates will be recruited to complete tasks that they are not familiar with. The good ways to deal with labor problems include predicting labor demands, analyzing the supply of labor, implanting the planned human resource programs and balancing the demand and supply of labor. In his study, he does not forget to mention that balancing labor problems does not mean choosing the wrong candidates since they are the ones who are available (Jones et al, 2006).

It is advisable that the management of any firm deals with all the problems in the organization that may arise from wrong recruitment procedures by ensuring that there are adequate number of employees, with the required skills, at all times and in the right tasks so at to meet the objectives of the firm. Strategic human resource planning is done to develop the human resource services and thus ease the implementation of the business strategy. Labor supplies can be either external or internal with the internal supply determined through determination of skills inventories, replacement charts, succession planning, movement analysis and marcov analysis. External labor supplies can be predicted through researching on the supply levels in certain occupations, market trends in both the local and national labor and forecasting the future unemployment rates. In cases of labor surplus, this problem can be managed through flex force or loaning, terminations and layoffs, reduced work per week, job sharing, early retirement and buyout programs, attrition and hiring freeze. On the other hand, labor shortages can be solved through external hiring, transfers, subcontracting and temporary employees and overtime. This are the best human resource planning that ensure that recruitment problems are solved easily.

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