Essay: Human Resource Development with Strategic Formulation

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Essay: Human Resource Development with Strategic Formulation

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By formulating and executing human resource policies and activities, employee competencies and behaviors are created which are needed by the company to achieve their strategic aims. It helps in improving the business performance and develops organizational cultures that foster innovation and flexibility. It helps in the implementation and determination of strategies. Strategic human resource development prepares an organization against the increasingly competitive and unstable global environment. Another concept which was given by Thomas J Chermack, states that a fundamental approach to strategic human resource development planning is to present human resource development investment as a viable solution to advance the organizational interactions. A comprehensive Human Resource Strategy will also support other specific strategic objectives undertaken by the marketing, financial, operational and technology departments. It enables them to understand the direction in which the company is moving.

A central feature of strategic Human resource development emerging from all the literature is the integration of training and development into wider business planning. Human resources in this context are seen as a vital factor in business planning and training and development are viewed as making an effective contribution to business goals. Barham, (6) point out  that strategic human resource development involves a move from activities that have fragmented to a situation where training and development is either more systematically linked to such goals(referred to as the formalized approach) or else it is so systematically integrated with organizational needs that it is seen as a necessity for organizational survival( labelled the focused approach).

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