Essay: Human Aggression

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Essay: Human Aggression

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Some positive aspects are associated with witnessing events such as hurricane Katrina (Drew & Waters, 1986). It can be used to encourage the youth to be prepared in life for no one knows what tomorrow will bring. Those who are severely affected by the thoughts of this event tend to be more violent in their every day lives. People will also tend to be more concerned about their own welfare and would not care much about what is happening to the others. The government should organize counseling sessions for people since most of them are still traumatized by the events of that time.

In future, the government should put in place measures to ensure that people are forewarned before such events happen. This will reduce the number of lives that are lost in such situations. Helping the victims financially in order to make them go back to their normal lives would go a long way in ensuring that the victims forget about those incidences.

Of importance to note is the fact that engaging in criminal activities like robbing a bank might not result because of desensitization. Exposure to antisocial behaviors, which is the norm in these games, can lead to antisocial behaviors in the players. Most importantly more researches should be conducted to ascertain why there are differences in the way different people react even when they have been through the same experiences. The fact that some people are affected more by the same events than others needs to be properly addressed.

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