Essay: HRM in Hotel Industry

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Essay: HRM in Hotel Industry

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Another consideration that has to be taken into accounting the management of the human resource for event management in the tourism industry is the access to trained and specialized personnel for the event management and their training on the project. Mike Burton, the HR director for the Compass Group company based in United Kingdome and Ireland also elaborated on the human resource related issues in the tourism industry.

“”The hospitality sector is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries,” he said, “but huge problems still exist in attracting and retaining a skilled workforce.” Nick Varney, chief executive of leisure operator Merlin Entertainment, agreed. He said: “Two enduring things in this industry are: high staff turnover, which affects the ability to deliver a consistent brand experience, harming business and the fact that not enough people see our growing industry as somewhere to build their careers.” (Druce, 2007) Aside form this the event management and planning also involves making specific teams of the hired staff, assigning them specific projects according to their specializations and coordinating on a massive level to bring the vent together in a cohesive manner. Additionally the compensation, reward and recognition of the staff and its services also have to be acknowledged and planned for when planning an event in the tourism industry.

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