Essay: How to Control Cyberbullying

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Essay: How to Control Cyberbullying

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The government need to put in place rules and regulation that can be employed to control these vices. The government need to monitor and control the ISP and IM in order to crackdown the perpetrators of cyberbullying and book them. Harsh sentences need to be implemented the perpetrators while the victim needs to be compensated and counselled. In cases where a victim commits suicide, the perpetrator of such acts needs to face a death penalty or life imprisonment depending with existing legal framework in a country (Willard, 2007, pp. 89-100).

Though there are several lobby groups proposing methods of controlling and curbing this vice, enough has not been done since the cases for cyberbullying are on the rise. The social and public institutions need to continue to fight this vice with greater determination. The problems arising from this problem need to be made public, further, the vulnerable individuals need to be informed on methods to avoid being victims. Once one becomes a victims, they public needs to be informed about how to react and how to report before making vast decisions.

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