Essay: How Serious is Kidney Stones

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Essay: How Serious is Kidney Stones

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When one develops kidney stones, it implies that the functions of the kidneys are impaired and the metabolism is inhibited, hence the body and a person become fixated and uncomfortable. Besides, severe pain that sometimes is associated with the kidney stones at times would be fatal. Other times it can even lead to kidney failure if unattended.

Although a person can survive with one kidney and have a normal life, the failure of both kidneys can lead to death. With today’s technology though, one can go for kidney transplant and have his or her normal life back. However, it is advisable not to reach to that point but one should seek medical attention earlier. This is because if the kidney stones are detected earlier, they can be safely eliminated without damaging the kidney. Yet, most kidney stones are not severe as they can pass out naturally and even most people do not really notice them.

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