Essay: How Oedipus Changed

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Essay: How Oedipus Changed

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Although Oedipus has all along being proud, he is remorseful of his actions. He even thinks of terminating his own life more so after he realizes that his wife and mother, Jocasta, has hanged herself. He only manages to stab his eyes with a pin but before he kills himself, the prophet comes in and orders for his execution. The actions he does at this stage prove that he is depressed and in despair. This shows a very changed king who has feelings of shame and despair while initially he was an arrogant and proud man who could not care of any situations. The last words of the song refer to the king that he can only be at peace after he has died. Since he has not died, he will remain in deep depression but not at peace.

After what has happened to Oedipus, it is obvious that he now is a bit wiser and understands better the works of gods and fate.  He now has to believe in prophecies unlike before when he could not believe the prophecy of prophet Tiresias that he is the murderer of his own father. He now believes in them since he now is sure that all that is prophesized must take place.  He now comprehends all that has happened to him and that his person has his destiny, which is mostly determined by the earlier acts. In this case, he has to be exiled for his acts of murder and incest. He feels resentful for his actions as it is evidenced in the way he replies the chorus saying, “I suffered those deeds more than I acted them…their eyes [gods] are fixed upon the just, fixed on the unjust, too; no impious man can twist away from them forever” (Sophocles et al 96). He now seems wiser, this wisdom makes him confident in life, and this confidence helps him find honor and peace in his death. He dies a much-respected man for he is now honored and is at peace with himself.

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