Essay: How Kidney Stones can be Prevented

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Essay: How Kidney Stones can be Prevented

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Recent studies have shown that taking dairy products, which have high contents of calcium may help prevent calcium stones. However taking calcium inform of pills may increase the chances of developing kidney stones. Avoidance of foods with added vitamin D and certain types of acids that have calcium base should be heeded by patients. Individuals with levels of acidic urine need to consume less meat, fish, and poultry because this food increases acid in the urine. Cystine stone can also be prevented by drinking a lot of water since water helps to dilute concentration of cystine that escape into the urine. A gallon of water of which a third must be consumed at night is needed after every 24 hours.

For those who are infected by kidney stones, the kind of treatment depends on the type and extent of the damage in the kidney. Most kidney stones can pass through the urinary system with plenty of water intake-about 2 -3 quarts a day. It is advisable for the patient to stay at home during this process taking enough fluids and pain medication as required. In cases of severe kidney stones, which fail to be detected during the early stages, a surgery may be needed to remove the kidney stones. Such cases include when a kidney stone does not pass after a certain period through the urine and there is severe constant pain. When it is too large to pass on its own or is caught up in a difficult place, blocks the flow of urine, because an ongoing urinary tract infection, damages kidney tissue or causes constant bleeding and has grown as seen on follow up X-rays.

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