Essay: How I recovered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Essay: How I recovered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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It got to a point whereby I could feel insecure even when am in the company of my wife alone and started withdrawing from all my relatives and friends as well as neighbors. It took the intervention of my uncle who was deployed operation storm and he convinced me to seek medical attention. He told me that I risked even running mad for I will be thinking that am in war. Upon seeing a psychiatrist, I was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I later learned that I was not the only person who was suffering from this condition. This is a condition caused by stress, which one can acquire through torture or witnessing horrific happenings. (Kinchin D, 54-89) The condition is very common among soldiers who have been to war front. Luckily, my wife stood with me throughout this trying moment and I am recovering well at the moment. My daughter came to understand the situation I was in and we have the loving relationship we used to enjoy before I flew to the war.

Upon learning that my problem was not an isolated case, I took it positively and decided to follow the instructions of the physician for I knew that it is only through this that one is able to start living normally again. It is very hard for one to understand that what one is going through is beyond his or her control. Most of the people who are around a war veteran think that because one was in the war front he no longer has the heart of a human. If people could understand that in war one sees very ugly situations and thus his perception to life changes a lot, then veterans would be able to adapt to post war life easily. It is very hard for a person to come to terms with the fact of loosing friends one has known for ages. It is also very difficult for any normal man to forget a man he shot to death even if it was for self-defense. I wish I would forget all the things that have caused me all this suffering I have gone through.

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