Essay: How Fashion can Elevate your Social Status

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Essay: How Fashion can Elevate your Social Status

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Among the other reason that makes fashion important is that it enables an individual to earn a good social class. Earning a good social reputation enable on to rise professionally since it opens many doors for an individual. Wearing clad that is in fashion and in the right places ensures that is respected most of the time unlike wearing buggy pants and oversize T-shirts.

Wearing baggy pants and oversize shirts result to a bad self-image and one can only secure a job as a storekeeper or bus attendant. The reason for getting such kind of a job is that image is very important. In fact, so people argue that racial discrimination is based on fashion. Since fashion has been there and is an old issue, racial discrimination is based on fashion because in the upper class areas of resident, racism was not common. One needs to realize that it is the way one represents himself that reflect how the people will take and treat the individual. The fashion that one applies ensures the people to judge you as a responsible or irresponsible person.

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