Essay: How do I love Thee

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Essay: How do I love Thee

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The words ‘I love thee to the depth and breadth and height’ in the poem by Browning makes me remember the great love I had for my sister and mother. I felt like I could give my life for theirs. I think I loved them with all the strength I had with me. I still have that love with me although it is filled with bitterness and anger because they are not with me anymore. I do not think that I will ever forget them and for that reason, I will still love them even after I die. I will love them with the same level of love forever and maybe more after I die and get to meet them again in death. I do not think that I can count the number of ways I do love them in since I love them in all my ways, as God wants it to be.

The two poems make me refresh my sweet memories and feel like I live with my family once again. I am very happy to read the two poems. They make my living cheerful since I now feel like I am not alone anymore. With the sweet words, I feel the much I feel for my sister and mother add. I am very happy to have one had a very interesting family full of love and care. Everyone cared for the other and I feel as if they do care or me even if they are dead. I feel that we will love each other even more after I die and we reunite.

The two poems are interesting to read for they are easy to understand. They are both filled with love although it is love with anger and bitterness. They make a person who has ever lost his loved ones refresh his memories.

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