Essay: How America can Avoid Wars

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Essay: How America can Avoid Wars

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At this point, it is imperative to evaluate the level of development that could in America or other countries like Afghanistan, Sudan and Georgia among other if there were no incidences of war. One cannot assume that the terrorist have attacked countries like America because they hate them, but the attacks have been triggered by the American interests in other nations endeavors. It America could keep off from the issues of other nations, just like the Swiss, the Americans can live happily.

There are many methods that can be employed at the expense of war. Instead of using the early mans cave strategies to beat the terrorists to death, or go to war killing innocent civilian in the pretense of fighting terrorist. The government of US can spend the $2 trillion of the taxpayers’ money to employ the most competent professional to search for a lasting solution. But in the countries with vast resources like Russia, Israel and USA among the others belief that they can only achieve peace by use of force. They have been in “perpetual war for perpetual peace” (Augustine 690)

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