Essay: Hotel Work in the Global Economy

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Essay: Hotel Work in the Global Economy

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According to Adler’s ‘Paradise laborers: hotel work in the global economy’, the paradise does not comply with today’s diverse workforce environment.  This is because it is apparent that the workers from different cultural background do not get interact with other. The managers’ main responsibility is to watch over the subordinates. The local people, who the authors claim to be proficient in English, are offered specific jobs that directly related the guests’ satisfaction in the resorts. The other non Hawaiians are new immigrants who are not proficient in English and are offered non skilled work and do not come into contact with the tourists.

This means that each employee position mainly depends on the cultural background. This is a clear indication that the paradise does not consider the present today’s workforce since the workers are not integrated and are employed and discriminated depending with the cultural background. Not all workers in Paradise join the unions since they are separated according to their cultural back ground. In a diverse workforce, workers interact freely and they are trained about the importance of intercultural communication and hence working as a team towards a common goal. Present diverse workforce does not encourage in any form of discrimination and peoples cultural background are respected, unlike in paradise/ resorts where the pay and kind of job description is defined cultural background. Concisely, workers in paradise do not enjoy the fruits of globalization of integration.

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