Essay: Homeless Persons

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Essay: Homeless Persons

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Young adults who are between the ages of eighteen and twenty five years are most likely to engage in drug abuse. This is because of the stresses they faces while living in the streets. Because of this they are more vulnerable to wild behaviors. Some will also engage in robbery in order to get money to satisfy their cravings for these drugs. Since they lack sufficient medical care most of them may die early because of suffering from a variety of illnesses whereby some could be curable. The kinds of environments they live in increase the chances of contracting infectious diseases including sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Most of them could be having multiple sexual partners, which increases the chances of contracting STDs. Because of lack of health facilities, this makes them more prone to early deaths. (Burt & Valente 2001)

Just as is the case of infants the elderly are most vulnerable if they are homeless. Of importance to note is that the immune system of the elderly is low and as a result, they are more vulnerable to contracting infectious diseases just as the young. The stress that affects the lives of the homeless can lead to mental disorders and no professional care available to these people they have a higher probability of dying. Since most of these people are poor, they lack money for buying the right clothing for severe weather conditions such as winter. These harsh climatic conditions are not good for anybody and they can be dangerous to anybody’s health.

Homeless persons are subjected to harsh lifestyles that affect their health a lot and as a result increase their mortality rate as opposed to people living in houses. The government should invest a lot in affordable housing to ensure that everybody gets the basic needs in life. It should ensure that every member of the society has access to medical care if the death rate of these people is to be reduced. On the other hand, homeless parents should strive hard to ensure that they get all the required immunizations in order to increase the chances of healthy lives to their children. (Burt & Valente 2001)

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