Essay: The holocaust

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Essay: The holocaust

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Holocaust represents the most brutal extermination of human race in the recent history. Ethnic cleansing was what the German authority as an excuse to the murders used. Other motives could have prompted this.

The orchestration of the holocaust in some ways can be attributed to Marxism. Hitler had convinced the Natives that war was inevitable since if they stayed in their comfort zones the whole world was in danger. The welcoming of Nazism by the German gave Hitler the moral authority to rule. Most of his hatred towards the Jews was attributed to the influences he derived from Marxism.

In excerpt from the work, Marx exposes the Jews as inappropriate race that needed to be expelled from the modern world order for their obsession with capitalism. He considered the religion of Judaism from a conception a real Jew as secular due their motivation of self-interests and idolizing the power of money. Emancipation of the people from Jewish huckstering and love of money and consequent Jewry was regarded as the emancipation very crucial at the time. Jewry was regarded as ‘time oriented anti social element’ that had been through history has been contributed by the Jews. Therefore, liberation of humankind from Jewry was considered as the ultimate emancipation of humankind from the yoke of capitalism. Hitler followed this to the letter during the holocaust.

In the practical world Marxism and capitalist represents two opposing sides. Thus, any idea that was capitalistic nature was regarded as evil in the socialists’ states. The former represented the Germans whom believed that the continued stay in the nation could have lead to difficult implementation of socialism.

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