Essay: HIV and AIDS infections in Addis Ababa

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Essay: HIV and AIDS infections in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa is among the most populated cities in Africa and happens to be in one of the poorest countries in the world (Weiss et al. (2001, p. s103). Therefore, it is certain that HIV and AIDs infections are likely to be higher in such a population. Most residents of this city are sexually active and happen to be within young couple’s age brackets. Establishment of VCT centers is arguably one of the most effective ways of dealing with the menace. Couples and the youth in general are the most targeted groups. However, couples of experience a number of obstacles that deter them from visiting these centers with most of them fearing of the aftermath of testing especially revealing their status to their partners. This indicates that there is need to have more education about such counseling facilities to enable couples make wise decisions.

According to the Central Statistical Authority, there is need to pump in more finances into the project to avoid inefficiency of VCT centers (2000, p. 83). Workers in the centers should be properly educated and qualified to boost professionalism particularly in HIV and AIDs related issues. This will improve the quality of services thus encouraging more couples to visit these facilities. Socio-cultural differences that influence most couples decision especially tradition related ones should be mitigated upon to boost these initiative. This will probably be by educating the population on reasons why some traditions are not relevant to modernism, and the need to be HIV/AIDs aware. Otherwise, proper education and publicity are seemingly the best options when it comes to encouraging more couples to visit VCT centers in Addis Ababa and Ethiopia as a whole.

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