Essay: Hitler illustrating Carlyle’s or Marx’s philosophy of history

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Essay: Hitler illustrating Carlyle’s or Marx’s philosophy of history

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Marx’s philosophy of history has been illustrated in many styles of leadership the world has witnessed. In recent history leaders in the likes of Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin and Adolf Hitler exercised authorities that capture many of various ideologies. This paper will focus on Adolf Hitler and how his leadership captured Marxism. He is accredited as one of the cruel figures in the contemporary world. However, it should be understood that we could unravel the reasons for his behavior as he was bowing to pressure of social forces. Besides, other factors like his psychological make up and family background could be attributed largely to his behavior.

Hitler’s claim to fame came largely due to the role that he played during the Second World War. This paper will explicitly demonstrate how Hitler’s leadership was marred by Marxist ideas and philosophy. Amid the rift had emerged between ‘leftism’ and ‘rightism’ his style of character was still inclined to Marxism though very much downplayed.

Further, the paper will bring to light Marxism as the central component of German leadership under the rule of Hitler. We might want to ask ourselves a question. Why did Hitler passionately hate Marxists considering he subscribed to their ideas? The most significant part of this paper will only illustrate instances where Hitler practiced leadership influenced by the ideas of Marxism.

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