Essay: Hitler’s Support for Marxism

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Essay: Hitler’s Support for Marxism

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Hitler declared support for a form Marxism in the form of socialism that was meant to provide the country with social welfare package for workers, reasonable salaries and wages, honor and respect for the important role that workers played in national building, economic prosperity and protection from the insubordination and cruelty of capitalism. This was in consistent with Marxism that refutes the idea of alienation of workers and exploitation of the working class. In Marxism, the rewards of production by all rights belong to the employees (Evans 53).

Nonetheless, according to Bandersky (40) Nazism rejected class conflict-based socialism and economic egalitarianism, instead they favored an economy with classes, which were based on meritocracy and talent. Retention of ‘private property’ and the creation of national solidarity would cut across all class differentiation. On the contrary, it should be viewed that although he rejected some of the Marxist ideology his philosophy was firmly based on communism.

Nazism was in many ways like Marxism in that it opposed the rise of capitalism at all cost. Besides, the notion that he differed with Marxist greatly was only because he wanted to introduce some ideology that would lead to cleansing of the German Race. Marxism had some loopholes that Hitler really needed to fill. Their notion of economic materialism left other areas that make up the society and through which people are in subordinated.  Further, it is only logical that race factor was a threat to gaining class conscious amongst the natives. Being a bold leader and unafraid to make decisions wanted to get rid of the Jews for him to realize socialism takes root in the country.

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