Essay: Hitler’s leadership and Marxism

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Essay: Hitler’s leadership and Marxism

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Much has been put on the spotlight concerning the hatred that he openly demonstrated against the Marxists and the Jews that ultimately led to the holocaust. Hitler was not a staunch communist though some of his decisions inclined towards communism. It should be understood that the formation of National socialists’ party was prompted by Hitler’s drive to start a party that would cater for his undoing through its manifesto.

From the onset, Hitler believes in the power of the masses, which he saw as crucial to any leader. With his charismatic appeal, he never raised tax for the working class and improved on their social benefits. Besides, he used the state resources to remunerate the army handsomely similar to what the western did to their army. At all cost he made sure that the Germans were well catered for by the state. These were some of the ideas in which communism was founded.

Many German citizens bought his idea of leadership. As Heiden (98) suggests that, the masses did not only put up with National Socialism but they also welcomed it.  He is depicted as a ‘feel good dictator’. Hitler’s provision of good life for the Germans was not only socialism but also open Marxism. The experience of socialism was overwhelming across Germany and the public confidence in Hitler was overflowing.

In this regard, Hitler believed in the power of the masses, in line with Marxism. He so much believed in nationalism to the extent that most of his actions were purported to protect the natives.  In the tune of nationalism, he was able to use power justifiably. Roberts (67) portray Hitler as charismatic leader who is widely respected and popular among the Germans at that point in time.

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