Essay: History of Kidney Stones

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Essay: History of Kidney Stones

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The term kidney stones is not a new term or idea, it started back during the time of civilization. Shah J, & Whitefield, (2002) in their book ‘Uriliothiasis through ages’ wrote about a scientific discovery of 1901, that identified the presence of a stone on the pelvis of an Egyptian mummy. This stone dated 4800BC. History recounts very prominent figures that have been diagnosed with kidney stones, a fact that proves the presence of kidney stones way back even before civilization. For instance, Michelangelo an Italian historical figure in painting was treated for kidney stones infection way back in 1549 (Eknoyan, 2002).

Another historical figure is a Greek philosopher Epiarus. He died of kidney stones between the period 270 and 271 BC (Ezine articles; philosophical Happiness). Actors like Rob Schneider, (staff, 2003), Keifer Sutherland, (Mark, 2005), and Mike Vogue, (staff, 2008) have suffered the same. When it comes to medical records of the ancient communities like Mesopotamia, India, China, Persia, Greece, and even Rome, they all have said something on calculus disease (Shah J, & Whitefield, 2002).

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