Essay: Historic background of Christianity

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Essay: Historic background of Christianity

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According to Stern (11-15) Christianity originates from the word kristos, which is a Greek word meaning the anointed one and it is a monotheistic religion. It guided by the life and teachings of Christ Jesus as shown in the holy bible. It begun as a Jewish sect from the eastern Mediterranean in the first century and by the 4th century was already dominant in the Roman Empire. Most of Europe was Christianized by the Middle Ages but Middle East, North Africa and some regions in India remained with minority Christians.

It spread to America, Australasia and all over the world through colonization; discovery work and missionary work hence became a major influence in Western civilization shaping. Thrower argued that it is the words largest religion and represents about a quarter of the entire population, also considered as a state religion in several countries (21-25) it is categorized into three groups: Catholics, Protestants and orthodox.

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