Essay: Hidden self-interests of donor nations

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Essay: Hidden self-interests of donor nations

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Many donation pledges have always come with certain illusive motives especially to developing countries that are easily deluded. This is maybe they focus on predetermined benefits such donations are alleged to come with. However, it emerges that donor nations are always bound to benefit from the same and even push in more selfish agendas. A good example comes from the recent promise by the Qatar government to Kenya to allow Qatar grow food crops in the country and help conserve the environment in the lower eastern region of the country (Oxford business group, 2011).

However, this project has so far stalled after it emerged that the country (Qatar) would be repatriating much of its produce to feed its hungry population. Purported benefits that Kenya would accrue are much lesser compared to what Qatar would get. Such pledges for support of conserving the environment with a hidden agenda are not new, as many developed countries have benefited from developing nations. Environmental donation  with preconditions need to redefined into amore form to mean business between engaging countries. “Aid” cannot be classified as a form of help if it is provided with a predetermined set of conditions, but rather a business transaction that should rake in some profit after all.

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