Essay: Hidden Job market and Pull Strategies

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Essay: Hidden Job market and Pull Strategies

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A rating of the branding strategies employed by the companies for their enterprise as well as their products and services can be performed through critical review and analysis,. This would depict my understanding of the topic as well as the grasp I have in the field. Moreover the creativity f required for brand management and marketing of a product and service would be employed by me in establishing the website/ blog and making it popular amongst the community it is targeted at. This would depict my skills as a prospective professional in the field of marketing the positive outlook and popularity of the website can attract the contacts and prospective employer s to me.

Other options that are present to me include participating in conference sand giving speeches or simply being vocal in terms of providing people specific marketing strategies and knowledge pertaining to branding. This will also aid in attracting prospective employers in the hidden job market.

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