Essay: Hereditary Diseases

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Essay: Hereditary Diseases

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Most hereditary diseases are passed from a parent to child. Examples of these illnesses include leukemia, diabetes etc which have a 50-50 chance of one getting it from a parent if at all he or she is sufferer of carrier. The chances of a person from a family that does not have the history of these sicknesses are low as compared to one with a history of the said illnesses. A child from a family with the history of twins is more likely to get twins than one who has no such history. (Clemens & Horace 1919)

It is of paramount importance to note that the two aspects are equally important in determining what a child will become in future. More so the environment the child grows in determines a lot in his or her future. A kid growing up in Japan is not necessarily intelligent than his counterpart in Africa but the Japanese kid will definitely be sharper in technology than the African one. This is due to the environment each one of them is growing in, for given a level playing ground they might end up the same in technology. The two kids who were nurtured by a wolf turned to posses the qualities of a wolf although they were real human beings.

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