Essay: Health, Wellness, and Nutrition

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Essay: Health, Wellness, and Nutrition

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Guidelines on the types and amounts of foods we have to take are provided every time in scholarly articles, daily news, from hospitals and even in schools. Different people are advised on eating different types and amounts of foods depending on work done, age of a person, health conditions of a person and gender of a person among others.

Some scientists advise people to eat a certain amount and types of food each day to maintain ones health. This is evidenced by the argument that consumption of some fats is essential to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases. They also argue that some types of foods reduce the risks of chronic diseases. Just as Willett & Stampfer (2002) puts it, “Some fats are healthy for the heart, and many carbohydrates clearly are not”. It should be noted that many scientists argue that great amounts of fats should not be taken because they worsen the health conditions of people. According to (2009), different types of people are entitled to different types of foods. For instance, the diet for a pregnant woman is not the same diet any other woman or man should take. There are people who are diabetic and thus cannot take starch or sugary foods to avoid worsening their conditions. In addition, other people who want to loose their weight are advised on certain types of foods. Since teenagers are growing, they need to take a variety of foods to have the necessary nutrients to help them grow health. Further, there are those teenagers who are active and thus have to take foods in large amounts to be able to fuel all the activities they are involved in (The Nemours Foundation, 2010).

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