Essay: The Health of the Common US Citizen

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Essay: The Health of the Common US Citizen

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By January 1, 2017, any state will be in a position to apply to the Secretary of Health & Human Services for exemption from certain rules and regulations as they deem fit for development of their states. It is upon the said secretary to decide whether to allow the exemption or not. By the start of 2018, all premiums must cover prevention as well as checkups without the customer having to pay an additional fee. This will ensure that a customer need not pay any additional money for checkups if he or she is an insurance premium order. Professions that are considered prone to risks should be taxed 40% of their $30,950 for family and $11,850 for individuals. (Downey, J 2010 available online)

The legislation is very good in terms of reducing the amount of money spend by the government on health as according to Congressional Budget Office (CBO) it is estimated that in the first decade up to $143 billion will be saved and the amount will grow to $1.2 trillion in the second decade. (Dennis 2010 pp 12-23) The health of the common US citizen is expected to improve gradually as each person will be in a position to access the best healthcare. The fact that hotel chains will be subjected to providing the health implications of what they serve will reduce the health problems associated with poor eating habits. The number of the uninsured Americans is expected to drop from the current 32 million to 23 million by 2019 after the effects of the legislation start to be fully felt. (Cost Estimate for Pending Health Care Legislation 2010 available online) though illegal immigrants will not be eligible to enter the said legislations, it is of paramount importance to note that the scheme is meant for the American citizens but not for every other person.

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