Essay: Harsh Social Values in The death of a salesman

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Essay: Harsh Social Values in The death of a salesman

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The death of a salesman by Arthur Miller presents a perfect blend of the social and societal factors that influence the humanity. The life of Willy the salesman is in an utter trauma, he has to keep his family prod of his social and corporate worth, even though he enjoys none.

In this struggle of convincing his family and particularly his sons he even lied and was dishonest in portraying his impression. And final of all he commits suicide so that the insurance money can help his son setting up a business and leading an upright life, but Willy’s this dream was also ruined as the insurance money does not cover the suicides. The harsh social values of the society are highlighted at many instances throughout the play. It portrays that irrespective of a man’s life long struggle he was unable to woo the society to respect him and hence the conflict amplifies throughout the play.

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