Essay: It is hard to know what people believe in

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Essay: It is hard to know what people believe in

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The novel a very old man with enormous wings  was  written by Gabriel Garcia  Marquez is the story of an old man who had wings. Pelayo one day as he is hunting for crabs discovers the man during a rainstorm that has been going on for several days. The old man is dirty and homeless and speaks a language that is not understandable. When Pelayo and Elisenda, his wife, consults a neighbor, they conclude that the old man is an angel who has come for their sick child.  Though the neighbor suggests that they should kill the old man, Pelayo denies since their kid gets better. They decide to keep him in their chicken pen and soon people start to troop in to their home to see him. Because the old man cannot speak Latin and  is shabby the local priest, Father Gonzaga  thinks that he may not be an angel and decides to seek directions from his bishop.

Although the priest does not approve the powers of the old man ,word  spreads and people start to visit him for healing. There is woman who visits him because she is tired of counting her heartbeat something she has being doing since her childhood.   The number of visitors grows and Elisenda starts to charge people who are coming to see him. The old man is ignorant of the visitors and he does not stand even when they pluck feathers from him and pelt him with stones. One day they decide to burn him with a branding iron to confirm that he is not dead.

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