Essay: How Hard is it to Forget One’s Culture

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Essay: How Hard is it to Forget One’s Culture

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When Brave Orchid and Moon Orchid are discussing what they will do before going to Los Angeles to look for the latter’s husband they seem to carry along their Chinese customs.  Brave Orchid has delusions of her sister meeting her husband and being welcomed in their new home. This is what Brave is praying for there is no alternative as her sister had already sold her apartment before going to America. These delusions show how Chinese emigrants behave upon moving to America. She thinks that children are capable of denouncing their mother just as it happens in China as their conversation goes on like this.

“Do you really think I can be a mother of sons? Don’t you think they’ll be loyal to

her, since she gave birth to them? “The children will go to their true mother—you,” said Brave Orchid. “That’s the way it is with mothers and children.” (Kingston, 125)

Although Moon holds her Chinese culture and customs closer to heart than her sister does, she is the one who is reasoning well here. Moon is able to foresee that there will be a confrontation between her and her husband when they eventually meet. If Brave interprets this scenario as such, then one wonders how Kingston will take it. However, Brave has been living in America for some time her line of thinking is still that of a true Chinese. This shows how hard it is to forget ones culture. This shows that it is not easy for Kingston to completely forget her Chinese history and become a true American.

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